Saturday, September 27, 2008


Wow, time really flies when you're busy. I just realized I haven't updated this in a while. It is already almost October! We have 34 days left in Alaska. I am currently in a leadership class that last 5.5wks so as soon as I graduate this course I will have 1 more week left in Alaska. Today we got the first snowfall. Of course, it is still to realitively warm for the snow to stick but it shouldn't be too much longer! TEXAS here we come!! :) It will be nice to have some warm weather for a change.

Elizabeth is a mess. She is getting bigger and bigger everyday. She still doesn't have any more teeth, but that doesn't stop her from eating any and everything she finds. She's started walking but she is still too scared to walk without holding your hand so she settles on crawling most of the time.