Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fast Food sucks!

Well we've officially moved out of our house in North Pole. All of our stuff is packed and on its way to Texas. We're currently living in a hotel room on base. We'll be here a total of 10 days, and I think we are on day 5? All of the days have been running together. We've been eating out alot because we don't want to waste money on groceries we can't take with us. I don't think I'm sick of fast food, I think I am more sick of eating the same old crap every day. I can't wait until we get back to the lower 48 and have a wider variety to choose from!

I finally graduated ALS! Woohoo, now I just have to wait until June or July to put on Staff Sergeant. Looking forward to the payraise!

Hard to believe my little girl will be 1 next month! She's getting so big, she started walking a couple of weeks ago, she still crawls every now and then but she loves to walk and thinks she's soo big when she does. I can't wait to see everyone! We'll be in/around Ohio from 10 Nov-23 Nov and in/around Arkansas from 24 Nov-6 Dec. Love you guys!