Saturday, March 28, 2009

Definately NOT a good blogger. I can mark that down on my list of things I'm not good at! :) Well, its been an eventful month since the last time I wrote. My parents came to visit 2 weekends ago. They were here for 4 days and we had a blast! The thing Liz probably enjoyed the most besides all the attention was the park! She loves the park!! She likes to swing but I think she likes the slides the most.

Then last weekend, Tony suprised me with a trip to San Antonio. We arrived around 5 pm Saturday night and went down and had dinner and enjoyed the Riverwalk and Market Square. Then Sunday, we woke up early and took Liz to the ZOO! Of course, she's still at the age where she doesn't quite know that these aren't animals she sees everyday so I think I probably had the MOST fun out of the three of us. I LOVE the ZOO!!!
When we arrived home, we got an even better suprise! BabySharpe#2 is on the way! I am due 28 November, just 8 days after Liz's bday and 9 after Mallory's. If this baby comes a week early, we could end up with three kids with close bdays. 19 November-Mallory, 20 November-Elizabeth, and 21 November-BabySharpe#2. We're definately going to be broke in November/December time frame :)