Saturday, January 24, 2009

Allow me to introduce: Dexter Sharpe

Well, today is the day. We went to Midland and picked up Dexter from the Airport. It was fairly uneventful and everything went as planned. He's settling in very nicely and Elizabeth has a new furry friend!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

1 more week to go..

Well, we've been "not-so patiently" waiting for the day to come where we drive to Midland and pick up Dexter from the airport. We will go pick him up next Saturday so in 6 days. Everyone is pretty excited and can't wait to have an addition to the family. We're hoping it gives Elizabeth someone to play with. She doesn't have any more interaction with kids since she's not in daycare anymore, and she desperately needs a playmate.

Tony's 27th birthday is Thursday, so he's feeling old. :) Other than that, things have been realitively quiet around here. We're getting settled into the new house and into the area.

Here is a new picture of Dexter @ 7wks. He's already gotten a lot bigger since the Christmas pictures as you can see. He will be 9 wks old when we pick him up.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Welcome to 2009...2008 is soooo last year!

HAPPY NEW YEARS everybody! How is the Sharpe Family ringing in the new year? With a new member of the family! Now don't go getting all excited....I'm not pregnant. We're getting a furry addition. His name will be Dexter and he is a Goldendoodle from Missouri. Right now he is 6 weeks old, but he will be about 9 weeks old when we get him. He's flying in to Midland Airport on 24 January...and Tony, Elizabeth and I am going to go pick him up. I'm really excited. Ever since we had to get rid of our last dog because he wouldn't be allowed on base, just to find out there was a problem with base housing and we are in our own house and could have kept him, I've been pretty upset. I asked Tony for a dog for my birthday. He was reluctant at first. He didn't want our new house trashed by a dog. But, after being persistant (annoying/pouting) he agreed. I wanted a big dog I could take for walks and he wanted something little that didn't shed. So, we compromised and got a Goldendoodle a big dog with minimal shedding. His daughter Mallory has one and we both fell in love with her dog when we met him so we've been browsing around for one the ast few months without actively pursing it. Tony found Dexter (Stanford) online inquired about him and after talking back and forth with the owner/breeder we were very happy with the pictures/videos. The lady really seems to love what she does and loves dogs and gives her puppies so much love and attention.

So without further ado, meet Dexter our soon-t0-be newest member of the family!