Sunday, January 18, 2009

1 more week to go..

Well, we've been "not-so patiently" waiting for the day to come where we drive to Midland and pick up Dexter from the airport. We will go pick him up next Saturday so in 6 days. Everyone is pretty excited and can't wait to have an addition to the family. We're hoping it gives Elizabeth someone to play with. She doesn't have any more interaction with kids since she's not in daycare anymore, and she desperately needs a playmate.

Tony's 27th birthday is Thursday, so he's feeling old. :) Other than that, things have been realitively quiet around here. We're getting settled into the new house and into the area.

Here is a new picture of Dexter @ 7wks. He's already gotten a lot bigger since the Christmas pictures as you can see. He will be 9 wks old when we pick him up.

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